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Ephemeral Graffitti!

Ephemeral Graffitti!

Hi all,

Ive added the r4nger5 flickr group to the r4nger5 stuff section and removed that widget that was causing the added bits of broken code when anybody posted a comment. Thanks for putting that together, Harlequin!

Episode 3 of r4nger5 guerilla media: Urban Jungle Warfare should be up at some point today, too.

Keepin’ y’all in the loop….

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Just so you know what’s going on…


R4nger5 Radio Ep 68 will be recorded and uloaded in the next day or so, followed in quick succession by episodes 69 and 70 (I have a load of news to catch up on!). Sorry about the delay – various tech issues and just plain ‘ol burnout led to me needing some time out to relax and tackle some other projects (like the videos)

Episode 6 of Back of beyond will be edited and loaded onto the web in the same sort of time frame, with the last bits of ep7 being shot, and hopefully uploaded by next weekend.

There are other projects in the pipline, and I have some time off in the very near future, so keep ’em peeled! I might even be fully caught up on things by the end of the first week in November!


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Well I got back from the woods the other day, had another good time, shot some more footage for back of beyond and learned a thing or two that will make it into the series.

Just recently got myself a 2nd hand GPS unit and a new all-arms bergen and looking to get a new tarp and hammock setup over the next few weeks.

Episode 4 of r4nger5: Back of beyond should go up tonight, as I’m editing episodes 5 and 6 (and re-doing the title sequences) , and I will be getting some audio out to you guys in the next day or so. I’m still wanting input from you all as to what you might like to see from r4nger5 in the near future – all suggestions gratefully recieved.

That’s all for now – there should be another update soon, with the details for ep 4 of BOB.



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Well, the vids seem to be popular! Over 100 views since they were uploaded 2 days ago – I’m glad so many people have watched them – seems to be worth making some more.

Given the 10 minute limit on You Tube vids, I have come up with a format that is pretty easy to produce. Generally they will go along the lines of a main section, a tip and a review or idea in each episode.

I’m off to the woods for more filming on Thursday morning, coming back to do editing on Saturday, so if you have any ideas – now’s the time.

Also I need some input for the new format of r4nger5 radio – I will be trying to get a new format together, so if you have any ideas, leave a comment or drop a mail to me at the usual address.

Outside of that, I’m thinking of ordering a kukri – they seem to be pretty cheap right now, and the site I’ve found does some really interesting looking blades. Oh, and I bought a GPS unit and a new torch today – I’ll be bashing the crap out of the torch whilst out camping.



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Got back a few days ago – had a great time shootin’ and fishin’ – unsuccessful at both, but hey, you gotta serve your time with the failures in order to learn!

Successfully tested the camelbak and a few other ideas, and shot a small amount of video – going out there again on Wednesday to get more shots together for the TV series. I put some new photos on the Flickr page, just before I left and will update it again before too long.


Off into the wilds…

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Well, I’m off into the wilds for a few days from tomorrow morning to run more kit tests and try new things along with Kevin. Video output shall definitely ensue.

If anyone has any ideas of what they would like to see for the new wild camping series, R4nger5: Back of Beyond, leave a comment, and we’ll see what we can do.



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Sorry about the lack of shows on the r4nger5 radio front – been massively bust and after the last bit of news was a bit too depressed about the state of the world etc, to pick the microphone back up.

However a few days in the wilds has perked me up a bit and there is new media, in the form of photos and videos on You Tube and Flickr, so hopefully those will tide you over until the next show.


Flickr updates

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r4nger store

I’ve uploaded some more photos and videos to Flickr – just click on the link at the side of the page.


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Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to get the show running order done, so there will be no show recording tonight. However I have 5 days off now, so I’ll make it up to y’all and get some shiny new media and stuff on the site before Tuesday.

I still don’t know the schedule for the weekend, so I can’t promise anything for a specific day, but if I have time tomorrow, there will be stuff.

Video diary project

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I have decided to try my hand at a video diary – and uploaded a few trial¬† vids to the r4nger5 tube page. Let me know what you think. The main reason is a new and better camera, and that I wanted to record some stuff at work. It’s a quick and dirty way of getting stuff out there, especially when I’m at work.