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Sorry about the lack of shows on the r4nger5 radio front – been massively bust and after the last bit of news was a bit too depressed about the state of the world etc, to pick the microphone back up.

However a few days in the wilds has perked me up a bit and there is new media, in the form of photos and videos on You Tube and Flickr, so hopefully those will tide you over until the next show.



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    RaindogNo Gravatar 09/08/22

    Hi V,
    don’t get too depressed. The more they restrict our freedoms the more angry we’ll get, and the more determined.
    In fact we need more headlines like the one that depressed you to make people get out of their torpor.
    Meanwhile I’ve just had to replace my hard drive after it went Phut 🙁
    Keep on trucking V!


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