We welcome any and all submissions for content. The email address is

Radio submissions

If you have any storied you would like to hear broadcast then email the link with a short description and optionally your opinion of the story to the above address.

If you have any audio pieces that you have recorded and want broadcast, again the address is above.

Video Submissions

Video is a bit more complex. You will need to have whatever video you have made hosted on a 3rd party site like Mediafire or then email the link to us. We can assemble the video into a production with title and credit sequences or you can do that yourself with the same resources we would use. Highest quality would be best but don’t feel like it needs to be uber hollywood quality, if all you have is a cheap webcam then use it. Content over quality.

Other Content

If you have anything else that you want broadcast that doesn’t fit into the above categories then email us anyway and we will try and fit it in appropriatly.


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    AnnieNo Gravatar 12/04/17

    Hi there,

    I was contacted by Joe Fowler of Bullseye TV about being in a documentary about UK survivalists and he told me about your website. I just wanted to touch base and say hi and connect with some other preppers in the UK. Are you guys going to be in the doc?


    • avatar
      NomadNo Gravatar 12/04/17


      A few of us have been contacted by Mr Fowler and from the looks of things at least one of us will be in the documentary.

      That’s great that he has spread the word about us, had a bit of a “are we the only ones?” feeling. Gonna bookmark your site.

      If you are up for it myself and a mate are heading to Yorkshire to see another mate next week, you would be more than welcome to come along.

      Cheers for making contact,


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