Funk Bunker Construction

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IronAngel just reminded me about the presence of the old site from YEARS ago. I decided to mirror it for posterity so you can check out the old stuff we had. Lots of 404 errors and questionable web design. You have been warned.

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R4nger5 Radio 2014-06-25

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It has been a while but we are back with another show. Quite rough around the edges, need more practice.


Closing music inspired by the current sportsball thing.


R4nger5 Torrent

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We now have a torrent of EVERYTHING we have ever released. The plan is to update it whenever something new is added so you always get the latest and greatest stuff.

Grab it here!


R4nger5 Radio for 2013-12-18

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Its been a bit of time but we are back. At least for now. Bit of a change from the usual hosting, Kevin is giving us his interpretation with influences from a certain long running Canadian news show. Like it? Hate it? Let us know!

Download the show.

Get the show notes.

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So we got hacked a bit…

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Seems some degenerate arsewipe managed to get into the theme code for this site and added some spam shite. Sorry about that folks.

Seems the old quote is true:

WordPress is an unauthenticated remote shell that, as a useful side feature, also contains a blog

r4nger5 radio

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more tipi ramblings from v

r4nger5 radio

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09:50 < nomadr4nger> anyway the media cartel has said that all new content delovery systems should be presumed illegal until approved by congress

Looks like were a soon to be illegal method of media production then?!?

V said here you go!

r4nger5 radio

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“22:04 < vatlibrary> hey peeps – uploading the new ep of RR now for ya” said V

and here it is

Byzantium Linux aka Banananet

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This is pretty much V’s idea for the Banananet. Server provides! Copied from here.


UPDATE: Due to a critical bug in Byzantium Linux v0.1a, a file containing the mesh routing and application software was omitted from the .iso image. The code which makes Byzantium, well, Byzantium isn’t there. To fix this, please re-download the .iso image from one of the mirrors linked below and try again. We humbly apologize for our screwup. QA processes are being put in place to ensure that this never happens again.

We’re sorry.

Project Byzantium, a working group of HacDC ( is proud to announce the release of v0.1 alpha of Byzantium Linux, a live distribution of Linux designed to fulfill a crucial role in the evolution of the Internet. That role is a rapidly deployable ad-hoc wireless mesh network which can augment or replace the current telecommunications infrastructure in the event that it is knocked offline (for example, due to a natural disaster) or rendered untrustworthy (widespread surveillance or disconnection by hostile entities). Unlike other mesh networking projects Byzantium was designed to be run on any x86 computer with at least one 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless interface. Byzantium can be burned to a CD- or DVD-ROM (the .iso image is just over 300 megabytes in size), booted from an external hard drive, or can even be installed in parallel with an existing operating system without risk to the user’s data and software. Byzantium Linux will then act as a node within the mesh and will automatically connect to other mesh nodes and act as an access point for WiFi-enabled mobile devices.

THIS IS AN ALPHA RELEASE! Do NOT expect Byzantium to be perfect. Some features are not ready yet, others need work. Things are going to break in weird ways and we need to know what those ways are so we can fix them. Please, for the love of LOLcats, do not deploy Byzantium in situations where lives are at stake.


  • Binary compatible with Slackware v13.37, so existing packages can be converted with a single command.
  • Able to act as a gateway to the Internet if a link is available.
  • Linux kernel v2.6.38.8
  • Drivers for dozens of wireless chipsets
  • KDE v3.5
  • LXDE (2010 release of all components)
  • Mplayer
  • GCC v4.5.2
  • Perl v5.12.3
  • Python v2.6.6
  • Firefox v4.0.1
  • v7.4
  • Custom web-based control panel


  • Minimum of 512MB of RAM
  • i586 CPU or better
  • CD- or DVD-ROM drive
  • BIOS must boot removable media
  • At least one (1) 802.11 a/b/g/n interface

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (for persistent changes)

  • The above requirements to use Byzantium
  • 2+GB of free space on thumbdrive or harddrive


  • Developers.
  • Developers!
  • No more Bill Ballmer impersonations.
  • People downloading and running Byzantium to find bugs and tell us where the problems are so we can fix them.
  • People filing bug reports on our Github page ( We can’t fix what we don’t know about!
  • People submitting patches.
  • People booting Byzantium and setting up small meshes (2-5 clients) to tell us how well it works for you with your hardware. We have a hardware compatibility list on our wiki that needs to be expanded.
  • People who can help us translate the user interface. We especially need people fluent in dialects of Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu.
  • People to help us write and translate documentation.

Homepage: (website coming soon)

Download sites:

Get to it people!