R4ngers BOB wrapped up – series complete

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I’ve finished uploading all 12 episodes of R4nger5: Back of Beyond, now and even found the time to add an epilogue episode.

– all the episodes are available now on you tube – there’s even a playlint on the channel page if you want to watch them all in one hit.

hope you enjoy them


Episode 10 of Back of Beyond now up!

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Here it is (I’m trying to complete the series before I go off grid)

Back of Beyond episode 9 uploaded!

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I’m on fire this week. Here’s Episode 9 (mostly an overview of the Swedish Trangia and it’s use – Episode 10 is rendering – watch this space!

Banananet anyone?

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And so, banananet is born:

details are on there own page access under banananet or press here

comments please

Episode 7 BOB download link

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Epsiode 7 of R4nger5: Back of Beyond has been uploaded to Archive.org and is now available for download. You can get it HERE




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– Theres lots of cool stuff been uploaded, recently to r4nger5 flickr.
– Avagdu has uploaded a new episode of Storm the wire.

– The first episode of r4nger5 Radio 2.0 is being recorded on Monday night, all being well. We need your ideas for music, show idents, rants, audio submissions and ideas for music and general format contruibutions – get in touch in the next 4 days, and you can help shape the next incarnation of r4nger5 audio!

I will put out the running order link as soon as it is completed, but I wanted to give everyone the chance to put in their 2 cents.

Over to you!


RGM: Urban Jungle warfare – episode 3 now available!

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Here it is! an all new episode -this one was again recorded in the scary, dark woods – and me sans mon briun artificiale!

Or you can download it direectly HERE

Sadly I have lost the running order .pdf but I will upload it, if i can find it in digital form, but I’ve already had a real good look and I think it’s gone forever – so you’ll all just have to losten carefully 😀


Ghost dog media!

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We have some Ghost dog media for you – a continuation of his audio blog. You can get this media goodness on the links below:

First episode:

Or download it HERE

Second episode:

Or download it HERE



Urban Jungle Warfare Episode 2

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Here it is folks – the newest episode recorded on location in my hammock, in the woods – again sound quality aint up to much and conditions were trying to say the least (including sub-zero temperatures). I should have another episode out to ya real soon!

Basic Linkage HERE
Running Order Link HERE

Thanks for listening!


flickr group

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good morning fellow campers!

For your enjoyment and as another reason for time wasting I introduce the r4nger5 flickr group.


Have funskies