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Back of Beyond episode 9 uploaded!

I’m on fire this week. Here’s Episode 9 (mostly an overview of the Swedish Trangia and it’s use – Episode 10 is rendering – watch this space!


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    avagduNo Gravatar 10/04/16

    If you have a chance to put the large versions of the last few episodes on archive.org I’ll download ’em!!

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    VNo Gravatar 10/04/16

    will do – It may be a little while – I’m finishing the whole series tonight – work enough for portly r4nger5!

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    Pig MonkeyNo Gravatar 10/04/16

    I’ve been thinking about trying one of these.

  4. avatar
    VNo Gravatar 10/04/17

    those simple stoves look good – I have made a crude on in the field and it works OK

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