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A lot of us spend a good bit of time surfing the net/jacked in/communing with Server, whatever you happen to call sitting at a computer connected to the internet. As such, a discussion of digital kit is warranted.


We strongly recommend using a computer that has a freedom-respecting operating system installed such as one of the various GNU/Linux distributions or one of the BSDs. However given that a lot of the stuff we do is massively cross platform, any operating system should be able to cope.

At a minimum, we suggest installing Firefox for its extensions capability (and installing AdBlock Plus) and an IRC client so you can join us in the random discussions. A decent media player is also an idea (VLC recommended).

As for laptop/netbook/desktop form factors, it is really down to personal preference but I would suggest having a portable system due to the inherent ability to go mobile and having a built in UPS.


An option to have is a home server. This can be almost any lowish power machine which can tolerate being on 24/7. Now, why would you want a home server?

VPN Endpoint or SSH tunnel – You can tunnel your way out of more restrictive networks to your home server, bypassing filtering and ensuring that people cannot look at your traffic.

Torrent Seedbox – 24/7 downloading and uploading of your legally shareable data so you don’t need to keep your main machine on all the time

Media Server – One location for all your media to be played from. Optionally hook to a display for movies.

Mobile Phone

The vast majority of us carry some form of mobile comms device. If you are the sort that doesn’t have a personal tracking device, then this will not apply to you.

It is recommended to use an Android phone due to the relative openness and freedom compared to other platforms but any device which fits your needs will be best for you. As we mostly use Android, the following apps will be tailored to that platform. If there is enough scope for iOS or BlackBerry apps they will be listed here too.

  • Firefox – The ubiquitous web browser ported to Android. Can install AdBlock Plus too
  • Skype – Free Skype to Skype calls on WiFi
  • JuiceDefender – Monitors and controls various phone parameters to increase battery lifetime. Needs root.
  • LBE Privacy Guard – Gives more granular control over permissions granted to applications. If you have wondered “Why the hell does X need to see my contact list?” then this app is for you. Needs root.
  • Samba Fileshare – Exposes your SD card as a Samba/Windows fileshare over mobile internet or WiFi. Needs root.
  • AndSMB – Samba/Windows fileshare client
  • ConnectBot – SSH client
  • Jota Text Editor – Simple text editor


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