*Microphone tap*

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Is this thing still on? Looks like it.

Been a bit forgotten about. Will need to change that. Get some more content flowing.

Standby, changes may be afoot.

Maybe today’ll be the day that I’ll tear down the foundations of my whole existence and start again
Knee deep in the rubble, rummaging, for something that I can use as a starting point
Something to jump off of. –Scroobius Pip – Rat Race


Updates from the IRC channel

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08:34 < v4v> update : new caravan sorted – been up to lots of stuff spec ops turtle n some family now at r4nger5 firebase to live
08:34 < v4v> new eps of radio show forthcoming

Watch this space. Also, come join the channel, #r4nger5 on irc.freenode.net or use the freenode webchat if you have no client.

It’s aliiiive!

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Right, Yer Tis!

After much technical difficulty, swearing and having a bit of a cry, we have the first episode of the new series of R4nger5 Radio – I think I’ve had enough time off, now and have spent all afternoon trying to get some kind of recording going. The first episode is short (1hour) the next episodes should feature more stuff and be closer to out 2 hour usual length.

Bear in mind, the new studio is in a bell tent in the middle of the woods in Yorkshire – It wasn’t easy being green today! Anyhow, hope you enjoy it and roll on the next one!


Newsness planned!

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sorry for abandoning some of you whilst I rebuilt my life in a more off grid kinda way, but I have honestly been busy adjusting to a different pace of life. Less cash, more time. I’m going to really try to put some media together for you guys, and see what we can come up with!

You can request topics, or send news stories, reccomedia or other stuff to the new media inbox/comments page Here

Watch this space!


New bits and bobs

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I’ve added  3 new video diary entries and the first part of episode 8 of R4nger5: back of beyond the video blog entries can be got at the r4nger5 You Tube channel, the BOB episode can be viewed here:

The reason why there’s been not much media from me

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Sorry about yet another hiatus, but it is for a good reason.

At the end of this month I’m moving into a tent. I’ll be living pretty much off grid as far as havinf a real address goes. I’ll still have internet access, and phone. electricity and running water, but I dont want to stay in my job anymore, and this is one way to achieve that.

I’ll also have way more time to both finish and start new projects.

Watch this space!

New Media Goodness!

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So here we are. 2 new podcasts and a new vid – enjoy

R4nger5 BOB – episode 7

or you can click HERE

R4nger5 OZ – episode 1

Or you can go to the page HERE
Please note that there was no running order, due to the fact I was woken up at 05.30 by an insistent Harlequin wanting to record a show – be amazed it’s there at all!

And finally, R4nger5 Radio 2.0 – Episode 2

Or you can get it HERE

Hope you enjoy them and please give us your feedback!



Interesting times mirrored

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I have taken the liberty of mirroring AHA’s magazine, Interesting Times. I think everyone who reads this blog would like it – lots of cool information, articles and interviews – very much like rant’s magazine, Pa1n.

You can get hold of the first 3 issues HERE



Extra Yule goodness!

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merry Yule!

Here’s a pagan podcast for you all. It’s an old BBC recording for Yule made well over a decade ago, but it recieved so many complaints, it was never rebroadcast.

It’s a little bit scary, but very atmospheric. I reccomend you listen to it in the dark with just a single candle burning and let the audio take hold.

You can download it HERE

There! A proper pagan Yule-time present for you all.

Merry Winterval! (LOL)

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Seasons greetings!

Hopefully, everyone will have a great Yule and holiday or whatever.

I have a celebration/inebreation window, between working, of less than 36 hours, so I probably won’t be on line, much. So to give people something to listen to, I have recorded the latest ep of UJW for your delectation and delight!

Or you can download it HERE

You can get the running order HERE

Have a really disreputable time!