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Extra Yule goodness!

merry Yule!

Here’s a pagan podcast for you all. It’s an old BBC recording for Yule made well over a decade ago, but it recieved so many complaints, it was never rebroadcast.

It’s a little bit scary, but very atmospheric. I reccomend you listen to it in the dark with just a single candle burning and let the audio take hold.

You can download it HERE

There! A proper pagan Yule-time present for you all.


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    avagduNo Gravatar 09/12/24

    Thanks for sharing this, an excellent listen!

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    Raindog951No Gravatar 09/12/27

    Enjoyed that. Every child and Christian should be tied down to listen to it.

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    wiffwaffNo Gravatar 10/01/03

    Well good! It’s a shame more people aren’t aware.

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    wiffwaffNo Gravatar 10/01/03

    I just looked on my profile and it says under Avatars…

    “Avatar uploads not allowed (Administrator may set on Users ยป Avatars page).”

    Can you set it so users can have avatars? Makes everything so pretty.


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