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Well I got back from the woods the other day, had another good time, shot some more footage for back of beyond and learned a thing or two that will make it into the series.

Just recently got myself a 2nd hand GPS unit and a new all-arms bergen and looking to get a new tarp and hammock setup over the next few weeks.

Episode 4 of r4nger5: Back of beyond should go up tonight, as I’m editing episodes 5 and 6 (and re-doing the title sequences) , and I will be getting some audio out to you guys in the next day or so. I’m still wanting input from you all as to what you might like to see from r4nger5 in the near future – all suggestions gratefully recieved.

That’s all for now – there should be another update soon, with the details for ep 4 of BOB.


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