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Well, the vids seem to be popular! Over 100 views since they were uploaded 2 days ago – I’m glad so many people have watched them – seems to be worth making some more.

Given the 10 minute limit on You Tube vids, I have come up with a format that is pretty easy to produce. Generally they will go along the lines of a main section, a tip and a review or idea in each episode.

I’m off to the woods for more filming on Thursday morning, coming back to do editing on Saturday, so if you have any ideas – now’s the time.

Also I need some input for the new format of r4nger5 radio – I will be trying to get a new format together, so if you have any ideas, leave a comment or drop a mail to me at the usual address.

Outside of that, I’m thinking of ordering a kukri – they seem to be pretty cheap right now, and the site I’ve found does some really interesting looking blades. Oh, and I bought a GPS unit and a new torch today – I’ll be bashing the crap out of the torch whilst out camping.



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    Raindog951No Gravatar 09/09/23

    Hi V,
    you’ll love the Kukri I’m sure. I’ve got a Himalayan Imports one, the heaviest model, and once you get the hang of letting the Kukris do the work instead of you it works very well.
    I’ve considered shaping the handle as the back end used to dig in the palm, but I’ve gotten used to it now.

    Good luck!

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    VNo Gravatar 09/09/29

    Cheers man! I think I will have at least a 10″ Kukhri by the end of the year – then I’ll field test it in the woods – see how it pans out.

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