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More media and updates

R4nger5: back of beyond has a few more vids:

Episode 2

Archive.org download HERE

Episode 3

Archive.org download HERE

Am off to the woods tomorrow morning to film the remaining segments of the first season, so if you have any feedback, or anything you’d particularly like to see, let me know now, as I’ll be filming the rest of the first season over the next couple fo days.

Also, if I get good feedback, your reward is the upload of episode 4 tonight – I have it with me, and will upload it if I get some good suggestions or comments – audience led programming at it’s finest. If you don’t respond in any numbers, I’ll still upload it, but it will be next week. LOL!



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    Pig MonkeyNo Gravatar 09/09/27

    Nice job! I agree with everything you said in the “Why go” segment! It’s all about adventure and building self-confidence. I still do stupid stuff like get extremely lost and fall off cliffs in the middle of the night, but, hey, somebody’s got to do it.

    And I still get scared sometimes at night when I hear strange noises and am unable to convince myself that it isn’t a bear or a mountain lion.

    Nice looking pouch, too!

    I do think that the intro is too long.

    My suggestion for future seasons is not something I’m sure you’d want to do: semi-permanent dwellings. Let’s say, a month or two or three. Have your tarp/hammock set up wherever, and discuss the practicalities of going into the nearest town for food (maybe a weekly basis?). Transporting and storing food. Taking advantage of public bathing. Holding down a job at the same time.

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    VNo Gravatar 09/09/29

    Great suggestions! I think I’ll be editing the intro down. Nice to hear other people have accidents, get lost and scared etc, but you’re 100% right – some people have to have the adventurous spirit in them and if a few cuts and bruises or scared moments are the cost, it’s cheap for the sense of accomplishment.

    If I could get to my current job from where I wild camp, I certainly would think about trying long term living there. I will however be doing a 1 week stay out in the woods in the spring, and will hopefully be camping out during the winter.

    Thanks for watching, man – It means a great deal to me that you like it.

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