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Got back a few days ago – had a great time shootin’ and fishin’ – unsuccessful at both, but hey, you gotta serve your time with the failures in order to learn!

Successfully tested the camelbak and a few other ideas, and shot a small amount of video – going out there again on Wednesday to get more shots together for the TV series. I put some new photos on the Flickr page, just before I left and will update it again before too long.



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    SchneeNo Gravatar 09/09/23

    Shooting? Just photos and/or at targets, I hope!

    (I’m not gonna comment on fishing, either.)

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      VNo Gravatar 09/09/29

      Yes – just targets at the moment, though the reason is for hunting – this is eventually planned to replace factory farmed meat in my diet. I personally feel that you should respect and be prepared to kill if you eat meat. It’s the only possible level of respect you can have for another living creature if you intend to eat it’s meat.

      I won’t be hunting anything if i cannot quickly and humanely dispatch it. When I can be certain of a clean kill, I will hunt, but not until then.

      But that is certainly just my opinion.

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