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R4nger5: Back of beyond in the can!

I have finally got the editing thing sorted out and got the first 3(4) episodes of r4nger5: back of beyond edited and ready to go. The first 2 are on you tube. The first 3 full episodes are more about the ideas behind it, the second 3 will be more practical.


1st Episode:

Hope you like them – feel free to comment and maks suggestions.



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    harlequinNo Gravatar 09/09/21

    Can we have a archive upload for those of us stuck behind the great wall?

  2. avatar
    teahatNo Gravatar 09/09/22

    Good stuff!

    The fadeouts kind of jump somewhat in ‘Pilot’, maybe that’s just youtube + flash on linux, dunno.

  3. avatar
    VNo Gravatar 09/09/22

    Yup the fadeouts kinda do, but that seems to be part of the rendering process – it does some strange things. But you can take comfort from the fact that it is all done using open source software – I personally can take a few errors for that clean geeky feeling I get from using open source all the way 😀

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