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Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to get the show running order done, so there will be no show recording tonight. However I have 5 days off now, so I’ll make it up to y’all and get some shiny new media and stuff on the site before Tuesday.

I still don’t know the schedule for the weekend, so I can’t promise anything for a specific day, but if I have time tomorrow, there will be stuff.


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    KevinNo Gravatar 09/06/11

    Real life getting in the way? :p

    Bear in mind the meet a week tomorrow (damn that snuck up fast), lots more time for media creation and that good stuff.

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    DCNo Gravatar 09/06/13

    I’d like to know if you sell r4anger patches for clothing.

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    VNo Gravatar 09/06/15

    Not as yet, but I have been looking into it for a while – would anyone else be interested in a r4nger5 patch? If so, how big? What do you want on it, besides the logo? do you want it sew on, or velcro?

    As soon as we get a consensus, I’ll get right on it and order some, if the demand is there.

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