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Keepin’ y’all in the loop….


Just so you know what’s going on…


R4nger5 Radio Ep 68 will be recorded and uloaded in the next day or so, followed in quick succession by episodes 69 and 70 (I have a load of news to catch up on!). Sorry about the delay – various tech issues and just plain ‘ol burnout led to me needing some time out to relax and tackle some other projects (like the videos)

Episode 6 of Back of beyond will be edited and loaded onto the web in the same sort of time frame, with the last bits of ep7 being shot, and hopefully uploaded by next weekend.

There are other projects in the pipline, and I have some time off in the very near future, so keep ’em peeled! I might even be fully caught up on things by the end of the first week in November!


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    wiffwaffNo Gravatar 09/10/19

    I’m getting impatient waiting for the next BOB already. That’s a complement by the way. LOL

    I really like them.


  2. avatar
    wiffwaffNo Gravatar 09/10/19

    How do i get an avatar on here?

  3. avatar
    VNo Gravatar 09/10/22

    I’m not sure I even have one! – It seems like a lot of faffing about!

  4. avatar
    VNo Gravatar 09/10/22

    Oh – it seems I do – can’t honestly remember how I did it – give out a shout in the IRC, or e- mail be a picture and i’ll use my admin powers and attach it to your account

  5. avatar
    wiffwaffNo Gravatar 09/11/09

    Just emailed you a pic.


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