You Can’t Say That On The Radio 12Jan2015

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harlequin and kevinisageek bring you another round of mad cap hilarity and freudian double entendre!

special notes include harlequins feral cats take over youtube, 3dprinting robots, kickstarting the revolution, drones to protect everything, and anything else we could blag on about!

See it on the old fashioned youtube here:

Or if you just want the audio check out here:

You Can’t Say That on the Radio double installment

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Back with 2 new episodes to round out the old year and bring in the new year. No real structure to speak of, just 3 guys havering about stuff.

YCSTOTR 2013-12-31

YCSTOTR 2014-01-01

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Audio coming thick and fast!

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r4nger5 bravo

V and Graafen bring out the detailed history of everything r4nger5ist from how to start a fire with only water all the way too surviving on air alone.

download ep1 here

download ep2 here

You Can’t Say That On The Radio – 08 FEB 2012

with Kevinisageek recording Graafen, neodemi, Ironangel and harlequin sat around the meta physical fireplace and talked shop…well that’s if shop includes furry fandom and pauling!

download here YCSTOTR – 08FEB2012

r4nger5 oz edition – 09 FEB 2012

harlequin gives you all the gossip, news and reviews from the antipodean fantasy land.

download here r4nger5 oz edition 09FEB2012

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