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Audio coming thick and fast!

r4nger5 bravo

V and Graafen bring out the detailed history of everything r4nger5ist from how to start a fire with only water all the way too surviving on air alone.

download ep1 here

download ep2 here

You Can’t Say That On The Radio – 08 FEB 2012

with Kevinisageek recording Graafen, neodemi, Ironangel and harlequin sat around the meta physical fireplace and talked shop…well that’s if shop includes furry fandom and pauling!

download here YCSTOTR – 08FEB2012

r4nger5 oz edition – 09 FEB 2012

harlequin gives you all the gossip, news and reviews from the antipodean fantasy land.

download here r4nger5 oz edition 09FEB2012

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