RGM: Urban Jungle warfare – episode 3 now available!

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Here it is! an all new episode -this one was again recorded in the scary, dark woods – and me sans mon briun artificiale!

Or you can download it direectly HERE

Sadly I have lost the running order .pdf but I will upload it, if i can find it in digital form, but I’ve already had a real good look and I think it’s gone forever – so you’ll all just have to losten carefully 😀


Ghost dog media!

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We have some Ghost dog media for you – a continuation of his audio blog. You can get this media goodness on the links below:

First episode:

Or download it HERE

Second episode:

Or download it HERE



Urban Jungle Warfare Episode 2

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Here it is folks – the newest episode recorded on location in my hammock, in the woods – again sound quality aint up to much and conditions were trying to say the least (including sub-zero temperatures). I should have another episode out to ya real soon!

Basic Linkage HERE
Running Order Link HERE

Thanks for listening!


flickr group

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good morning fellow campers!

For your enjoyment and as another reason for time wasting I introduce the r4nger5 flickr group.


Have funskies

Guerilla media: Urban Jungle Warfare – Episode 1

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Heres something to keep you going:

Let me know if you like the format – will be recording one of these ‘in the field’ over the next few days.

Link to download page HERE

Link to running order HERE

Updates and to what the hell is going on!

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Hi peoples – sorry we’ve been off the air recently.

Got kinda mentally kicked to the ground and morose since the CCTV in your homes story, that was later retracted. Then I just got out of practice with recording, and let it all just stumble along, been doing video and also honing my outdoors skillz. Also I need to completely rebuild the studio and havent because I’ve been doing loads of overtime and been too. Damn. Tired.

Recently had a chat with Graafen and we decided to bring out a new radio show early next year tentatively titled r4nger5 2.0 – in the mean time I plan to edit the rest of r4nger5: back of beyond and record a few episodes of 10n3 r4nger5.

Alternatively you guys could record some stuff and post some links here.

Looking forward to interim r4nger5 stuff from y’all

Gear Making

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Been making a few pouches and webbing accessories this evening. I have uploaded a few images to my flickr page.

New mobile phone pouch

My sewing seems to have improved with all the small bits I’ve been making. I think that it’s a pretty valuable skill to acquire, and you have the added bonuses of making exactly the kit you need and saving a fair bit of cash.

R4nger5: Back of Beyond – episode 6 download link

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Here it is:



R4nger5: Back of beyond – Episdode 6

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Here it is – It’s in 2 parts, I’m afraid, due to wanting to cram more into it than You Tube currently allows 🙂

Part 1

Part 2

Link for the full episode download to be posted later on – enjoy!

R4nger5; Back of Beyond – Episode 5

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New ep!

This one’s to do with shelter. I went slightly over the 10 min limit, so had to split it. I have re-edited the intro, and, whilst there’s still room for improvement, I think you’ll agree, it’s better. Anyhow enjoy:

5A – hammock/tarp setup:

5B – Sleeping bag and liner:

The episode can be downloaded as one episode HERE
Hope you like them. As always, feedback will be appreciated!