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R4nger5; Back of Beyond – Episode 5

New ep!

This one’s to do with shelter. I went slightly over the 10 min limit, so had to split it. I have re-edited the intro, and, whilst there’s still room for improvement, I think you’ll agree, it’s better. Anyhow enjoy:

5A – hammock/tarp setup:

5B – Sleeping bag and liner:

The episode can be downloaded as one episode HERE
Hope you like them. As always, feedback will be appreciated!



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    Pig MonkeyNo Gravatar 09/10/10

    Another benefit of the silk liner is that it keeps the inside of your bag clean for a longer period of time (and the liner is easier to wash than the bag).

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    VNo Gravatar 09/10/15

    d’oh – i meant to say that, as well. Too much to remember – lol

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