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Admin Stuff

I’ve taken the liberty of reorganizing a few things around here.

Most significant change is the numbering scheme we are using. The first lot of episodes were simply numbered sequentially. Then we had the bloody long hiatus followed by several false starts, R4nger5 Radio 2.0, couple versions of season 3 and a couple of odd episodes that didn’t fit anywhere. So I have renamed those latest episodes to fit in with the old numbering scheme so we run from episode 0 to 76 (which was released yesterday (and I need to make a post about that)).

On the backend I have rejiggered the directory listing mechanism to be a bit smoother. Still a work in progress but the latest episodes are now appearing at the top of the list.

I also propose that we move away from using Archive.org. Editing information on there is a complete pain, the uploading is slow and there is no way to correct mistakes with filenames etc. Given that we have proper webspace where we can store the content there is no real need to go with a 3rd party host.

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