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R4nger5 Radio 2.0 – Episode 1 – now available!

Here it is – let us know what you think

Or you can download it, and the running order HERE


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    avagduNo Gravatar 10/01/21

    Great to hear you guys back on the air, and Damon in the mix too. The sampled intro at the beginning was very fun.

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    avagduNo Gravatar 10/01/21

    Re: r4nger5 links – If you want, you can use http://www.stormthewire.com as my address at the end of the show.

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    wiffwaffNo Gravatar 10/01/23

    Good to hear ya back up and running again. 😀

    It made me decide to start my SoapBox up again…


    All the usual rants.

    Like to Skype in for a show sometime – discussion topic on health and safety would be great. 😀

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    Raindog951No Gravatar 10/01/23

    Good show, and great to hear you back on the air.
    I like the breaking up of the news with some music, it’ll help when the news is depressing (which I predict will get worse in 2010).
    Sound quality was good too.

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