r4nger5 america episode 18 links

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FOLLOWUP – High-school disciplinarian denies Webcam spying (Thanks to Macavity)

Microsoft gets legal nod to perform takedown on the Waldenac botnet (thanks to Macavity)

Also, the Internet vigilantes of Anonymous/4chan were just the beginning
– cops are now using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and
YouTube to track down criminals:

LifeLock to pay $12 million to settle deceptive-practices claim (thanks to Macavity)

Texas approves radical right-wing history books

Police act swiftly after gun purchases

Orwell-Speak Award Goes to Canada’s GM “Enviropig” (thanks to Gret)

Halftime Music: The Protomen – Man or Machine (The Stand) off their self-titled album

Discussion: Do you believe that certain words (such as “gay” or “retarded”) are inherently offensive, and why (or why not)?


Recomedia (all books this time around):
The Vegetarian Myth
The Art of War
The Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks)
The Urban Homestead

r4nger5 america episode 17 links

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Meghan McCain: Tea Party represents ‘innate racism’

Trial Begins for Activist Who Fought to Protect Federal Lands from Drilling — Join the Protest

California Carbon Trading Allows Timber Companies to Sell CO2 Credits for Their Worst Logging Practices

Open Carry Advocates Fight To Meet While Packing

USTR Seeking Public Comment

Obama admin. demands justification for health insurer’s 39 percent rate hike

Gingrich Corrects Gaffe, Adds Flip-Flop

New National Security Distraction: Arabic Language Students

Security guards do nothing as 15-year-old girl is beaten

Cell Phone Users: Your Privacy is at Risk

More Americans Favor Eliminating the Filibuster

US media omission: Iran calls for global nuclear disarmament

Shocking Report Reveals Epidemic of Sexual Abuse in Juvenile Prisons

New Rule Crushes Organic Mega-Dairies and Is Good News for Small Farms

Former Mexican foreign minister calls for ‘North American union’, unified currency

School Gives Kids Laptops, Spies on Them Via Webcam

r4nger5 america – episodes 17 and 18

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Yes, two shows at once! Apparently I’m getting absent-minded in my old age.

Episode 17 flash player:

or download link (84 MB, variable bit rate MP3)

Episode 18 flash player:

or download link (84 MB variable bit rate MP3)

I’ll put links to the news stories up by tomorrow.

r4nger5 america episode 16

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Hey guys, I failed to notice that this never got published (apparently the blog software didn’t like me that day…I swear I didn’t do anything to it!), so I apologize for this being late.  r4nger5 america episode 17 soon to follow.  Here’s the links for these stories:

3 G.I.s Killed in Pakistan. Now Can We Start Treating This Like a Real War?

Frank Luntz to GOP: Tout ‘Washington’s incompetence’ to kill financial reform

Air Force Builds Wiccan Center; Someone Erects a Cross
So much for efforts to boost religious tolerance at academy

Judge censured for ordering class-action lawyer to take pay in $125,000 worth of gift-cards

Rendition victim moves to sue US

Pentagon appears to impede independent autopsy of Gitmo ’suicide’

Christians claim hate crimes law an effort to ‘eradicate’ their beliefs

The 2010 Comprehensive Daily Kos/Research 2000 Poll of Self-Identified Republicans (by kos)

This story didn’t make it into the show due to time limitations!
Ahmadinejad Hints at Possible Prisoner Exchange for 3 U.S. Hikers; State Department: “We’re Not Interested”

r4nger5 america returns

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In the spirit of “getting back on the media creation bandwagon”, I’ve recorded r4nger5 america episode 15. I’ll try to stick (well, approximate) a weekly schedule of releasing these in the future. Go here to download it, or listen over the internet:

R4nger5 america episode 14 is now live

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Here it is, r4nger5 america episode 14 – recorded and put on the internet in less than 12 hours (even though some of the news stories are kind of old, sorry about that). Enjoy.

Or hit the direct link here: http://www.archive.org/download/R4nger5AmericaEpisode14/R4nger5AmericaEpisode14.mp3

r4nger5 america episode 13

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and you can find links to the stories/recomedia/etc over  here

(V never gave me an answer on what our policy is going to be on posting links to news stories…so I’m skirting around the issue by posting them elsewhere and linking to that.)

r4nger5 america episode 12

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r4nger5 america episode 12 is now available. Get it here: episode 12 in MP3 form or listen via the embedded media thingy provided by archive.org:

r4nger5 america episode 11

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This was recorded almost two weeks ago; but I am a lazy SOB (not that I’m proud of it) so I haven’t gotten around to publishing it on the site yet. So here it is:

Or grab the file from here:
r4nger5 america episode 11

I will try to do better and get the next show up quite a bit more quickly.

r4nger5 America episode 10 is up!

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Here you go, the latest installment form the R4nger5 America team – Thanks to Xenovalent and the crew.

Get it HERE

Or stream it directly, here: