Twitter Account

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We now have a Twitter account! Just gonna be used to notify folks of posts to this site, media etc. Follow now to keep up with the goings on!


A New Look

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Installed a new theme for the site. The old one was very dingy and dark and we ran into an issue where all the categories weren’t showing up on the top bar.

Hopefully you will all agree (already got one dissenter) that it looks a hell of a lot nicer. If you have a better one, let me know.

Admin Stuff

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I’ve taken the liberty of reorganizing a few things around here.

Most significant change is the numbering scheme we are using. The first lot of episodes were simply numbered sequentially. Then we had the bloody long hiatus followed by several false starts, R4nger5 Radio 2.0, couple versions of season 3 and a couple of odd episodes that didn’t fit anywhere. So I have renamed those latest episodes to fit in with the old numbering scheme so we run from episode 0 to 76 (which was released yesterday (and I need to make a post about that)).

On the backend I have rejiggered the directory listing mechanism to be a bit smoother. Still a work in progress but the latest episodes are now appearing at the top of the list.

I also propose that we move away from using Editing information on there is a complete pain, the uploading is slow and there is no way to correct mistakes with filenames etc. Given that we have proper webspace where we can store the content there is no real need to go with a 3rd party host.

R4nger5 Forums

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Just in case you missed the irc discussions that made it all happen r4nger5 now have there own forums to play in.


R4nger5 Forum

Have fun.

We has a WIKI!

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Kevin, Kobach and Xenovalent [I had nothing to do with setting it up -Xeno] have set up a R4nger5/Standover media wiki. I’m going to add the link to the links down the left hand side, but for convenience, you can check it out in all it’s embreyonic goodness, HERE


Updates ahoy!

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Well; I’m in the IRC, and the guys have cooked up an iTunes web feed and are busily resurrecting Standover Media and we might just have this site mirroring on the live journal!

It’s an exciting time to be a r4nger, folks!

Banner and link update!

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Thanks to whomever updated the banner (I know it has to be Kevin, or Avagdu) –  it looks pretty cool.

I’ve just added Schneelocke’s really handy index page for all of the shows on, as well as links to the show details published on the blog.

BTW thanks for keeping that up, man, and I’ll try to fill in some of the details blanks ASAP



Next RR show

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The next episode of R4nger5 Radio is due to be recorded on 2/3/9 at 21:00 GMT – if you want to be on the show, e-mail me, or go to the IRC before the show starts.

Slowly getting there!

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I am getting the hang of wordpress, slowly but surely!

I will be adding more pages and getting more information and pictures, as we progress. Thanks again to KoBach for setting this all up, and buying us our groovy domain name!!

When I can work out how to embed media, this will be one of the coolest places to get your next fix of our community-created goodness! In the very near future, we will be adding another show  to the r4nger5 stable, all about conspiracy theories.


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I have just added the ‘KIt’ page – I’ll be adding other pages soon – hopefully some graphics, too!