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RL vs Online – round one to RL!

Sorry there have been no updates for a week or so – I have been really busy with work and pretty much too tired to do anything when I get home after being out of the house for up to 16 hours for the last 8 days.

However, The brave folks over at r4nger5 america have not been so slack and have produced Episode 2! You can get it here  or use the embedded media:


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    Raindog951No Gravatar 09/05/30

    Hi V,
    a pretty good show from R4nger5 America, pulling through despite illness!
    Disgusted at the training of the Scouts in ‘anti terrorism’, particularly as it involves anti drug training (and no doubt anti drug propaganda).
    Getting to the stage of asking kids to snitch on their family members again I reckon.


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