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Everything you know is right – ep1

Last night, Avagdu and Enloopious set up a pod cast recording for another conspiracy show, and APIPA, Kevin and myself wandered along to lend a few different viewpoints. (truth be told, I only found out about it during the sound check – lol!)

The subjects covered were flouride in the drinking water, with links supplied by both Enloopious and APIPA, and Inspirational movies based on Avagdu’s, quite frankly, astounding list of films that have inspired him.

It was great fun to join in and I’m sure it will be made available to everyone as soon as all the post-production gets done. So I’m thinking sometime after the weekend.

Watch this space.



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    Raindog951No Gravatar 09/04/20

    Really interesting and fun show.
    Completely with Avagdu’s film selection.
    I watched the Matrix for the first time without having any idea of it’s subject and, like V, was transfixed by the Blue pill red pill monologue. I was immediately thinking of the parallels being drawn about our society being basically enslavement to the system.
    Afterwards I was a bit elated to think other people were on the same page as I was. So much so that I found it hard to join in the conversation of other people who’d seen it and were going on about the bullet dodging and all that stuff.
    I had the same thing when I saw V for Vendetta. I was very impressed at the film makers having the nerve to make it, especially after 911.
    Did you know Tony Blairs son was involved in the film in some small capacity, and he persuaded his Dad to allow the film makers to film all the scenes in central London? I bet Tony was a bit miffed when he saw the resulting film 🙂

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    avagduNo Gravatar 09/04/23

    Thanks dude!

    V, add this link to the post:


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