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10n3 r4nger5 22 is up!

You can get it here


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    Raindog951No Gravatar 09/03/28

    Hi V,
    Thanks for another good show.
    Looking forward to seeing the Combat Shorts, and also, ultimately, the next edition of RTV.
    I think Graafen is to be commended for his perfectionism 🙂
    Looking forward to getting the PDF too.
    I’m still trying to save cash for a camcorder. Stuff keeps turning up and wiping out my cash!
    I’m even contemplating trying to lash up an extended battery pack to try and get more life out of my digital camera (it sucks life out of it’s batteries in 3 minutes when filming). If I ever get that to work it’ll be worth making a film on how to do that.


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