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Banner and link update!

Thanks to whomever updated the banner (I know it has to be Kevin, or Avagdu) –  it looks pretty cool.

I’ve just added Schneelocke’s really handy index page for all of the shows on www.archive.org, as well as links to the show details published on the blog.

BTW thanks for keeping that up, man, and I’ll try to fill in some of the details blanks ASAP




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    SchneeNo Gravatar 09/03/13

    You’re welcome!

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    KevinNo Gravatar 09/03/15

    Made a couple of tweaks, the logo now is a link back to the index page and I restored the title so the browser window shows it.

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    APIPANo Gravatar 09/03/20

    I think it’s brilliant that the R4nger5 concept is ‘open’ and you ‘techie types’ can improve and adapt things. Independent Media is the way forward!

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