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Slowly getting there!

I am getting the hang of wordpress, slowly but surely!

I will be adding more pages and getting more information and pictures, as we progress. Thanks again to KoBach for setting this all up, and buying us our groovy domain name!!

When I can work out how to embed media, this will be one of the coolest places to get your next fix of our community-created goodness! In the very near future, we will be adding another show  to the r4nger5 stable, all about conspiracy theories.


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    KevinNo Gravatar 09/02/28

    Yay! Looking good, things are really taking shape here. Couple of suggestions: Enable “pretty permalinks” to make the entries and pages more accessible. Go to settings -> permalinks -> choose the custom option and put in /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ then hit save.

    The next thing is to install the ljxp plugin (http://www.lj-xp.com/)which lets you crosspost entries from here into your lj meaning you only need to update once to get content in both places, also means lj folk can keep up with what is going on.

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